Why are the associations important

By becoming a member you show your current employer that you serious about being professional, that you have a professional approach to work and you took care of your personal and work development. By doing it you are showing that you are enthusiastic about good practices in your profession. That essentially proves your dedication to practice your profession in an ethical manner, what basically means you will follow the code of ethics, code of good behavior and code of good practice. We offer our members full access to our engaging chat room service. Personal modifiable web space for promotions, usage of our friendly blogs and forums and an extensive directory of professionals from around the world. By becoming a member you are afforded the opportunity to network alongside the world most successful. Join us and be more than a listing in a leather-bound book.


By attending our meetings you will gain access to, knowledge, networks, recourses, online courses designed, written and led by professionals.


In terms of knowledge, there are national standards and emerging research both from government-funded research and privately founded ones and these are often made unpublished by the professional organization like ours. As our professional member, you have the opportunity to contribute to these national standards.


When It comes to network, you will be able to meet people in social settings and dinner meetings, who can interview you in the near future. It’s useful for you to be able to talk to your peers and discuss similar resolutions that can help you with your problems.


There are a lot of white papers that are established by associations like ours. These are often reviewed and updated by hundreds of professionals in the industry. These then become blueprints for success and can lead to your progress in the company.

Online courses

Although they are less academically portrayed they are not the less comprehensive and really focused on practical issues on the workplace. Are you registered? If not, you can sign up and attend our annual meeting by feeling the form.