Korean community in Atlanta

The most languages in the state of Georgia are English, Spanish and Korean. Atlanta is a city where the Korean population has grown fast. Olympics in 1996 put Atlanta on the immigration map before that lot of Koreans choose other, larger cities. Another major reason for the transition to Atlanta were riots caused in Los Angeles in 1992. They lost their businesses and courage to built it again in the same environment, so they moved their community an culture to the northern city of Georgia.

Atlanta economy

post3aThere are nearly 50000 members of the Korean community, equally divided among men and women, participating in the regional economy. Many of them have jobs in management or professional field, while an equal number can be found in sales and similar places of business. There is a trend moving their business from the city center to suburbs where they are attracting customers of higher economic rank than before. They outgrew convenience stores now the own business like gas stations, beauty shops etc. at first their involvement in politics was slow mostly because of the language barrier. But now they can say they have first Asian American Democrat elected to the state legislator.

Who are Koreans?

post3bThey immigrated to the Atlanta because they can dream of becoming something there. They have a home country but the USA is their country. Koreans are very traditional people who care about their heritage. Many of Korean Americans tend to teach their children both English and Korean to avoid identity crises. To success they need to reach out and help each other, they need guidance, because if there is no one teaching them, how is community supposed to have a voice? They just want to share their culture with Americans one by one. The fact is that a large number of people don’t associate Korean people with Atlanta and recognize how their impact can be great. They want to lay the foundation so that their communities can be more integrated into American society. It’s about time that Atlanta pays attention to its natural resource.