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AKPA plans its activities and operates at committee level. The organization has four committees and an Executive Board. Each committee has a certain degree of autonomy, including recruiting committee members, holding committee level meetings, initiating projects, etc.  The committee leaders constitute part of the organization’s Executive Board.

The organization has the following committees:

  • Development Committee
    The development committee is charged with creating a framework through which AKPA members can mobilize resources in the United States for the promotion of the socioeconomic well-being of Kenyans.
  • Education Committee
    The Education Committee seeks to facilitate the formation and professional growth of Kenyan students in Atlanta and assist students into transitioning into career.
  • Investment Committee
    The Investment Committee seeks to facilitate and enhance the process of wealth creation and accumulation for AKPA's members and that of the Kenyan community in Atlanta.
  • Networking Committee
    The Networking committee seeks and provides opportunities for professional and career development of AKPA members.