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AKPA Scholarship

The Dr. Njeri Karangu Memorial Scholarship

Application will be accepted from March 15th to October 15th 2013

Winner will be announced on Oct 19th, 2013 50th Jubilee Dinner ATLANTA

Since 2002, AKPA has awarded the AKPA Student of the Year award to a top Kenyan student from the greater Atlanta area. In addition to receiving the award, the selected student also receives a scholarship from AKPA. Past recipients have been awarded scholarships of up to $1,000.

The scholarship was named in honor of Dr. Njeri Karangu who was AKPA's first Education Committee Chairman, a teacher and an advocate for education and students, particularly for Kenyan students living in the Atlanta area. In recognition of Dr. Karangu's passion for education and her pioneering leadership of AKPA's Education Committee, in 2004, AKPA members voted to change the name of the scholarship to the Njeri Karangu Memorial Scholarship.


2013 AKPA Scholarship Requirements:

  1. At least one Parent or Grandparent must be Kenyan
  2. At least one Parent or Grandparent resides in the Metro Atlanta Area
  3. Must Submit a Resume that details work and education history
  4. Must Submit a letter of Recommendation from a Church, School or Organization where you have volunteered.
  5. Demonstrate Financial Need
  6. Must be a student in good standing with current grade report.
  7. Be willing participate in AKPA events for a minimum of 1 year.
  8. Any Kenyan Any Age can apply
  9. Must be an undergraduate student.
  10. Write a one page Essay ( double spaced 12" Font) on AKPA. Its history both positive and negative, successes and failures.
  11. Recommendation from Kenyan Community Members
  12. Past recipients cannot reapply.

Contact AKPA to discuss upcoming events that you can volunteer and participate in. 

Golf Tournament - 10 volunteers needed.

50th Jubilee -  50 volunteer needed