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Roles and Responsibilities



AKPA Roles and Responsibilities:  ***Changes at the discretion of Executives


Executives meet at least 4 times a year ( Quarterly)


Meeting 1- Plan year Calendar and select Chairs for events


Meeting 2, 3- Review , plan and engage necessary personal for activities, adjust calendar for new activities.


Meeting 4-Close out year and reflect on year.


Chairman- Mark Kimata


Ø  Chair Executive meeting


Ø  Support all executive members roles and responsibility


Ø  Set AKPA Goals to accomplish AKPA Mission Statement


Ø  Set AKPA Objectives to accomplish AKPA Mission Statement


Ø  Set AKPA overall yearly calendar


Ø  Establish relationship with leaders in our community mayors, congressmen….


Ø  Key Person for email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ø  Post Articles on leadership


 Vice-Chairman  Stanley Kimani


Ø  Back up for Chair


Ø  Coordinate AKPA activities


Ø  Coordinate activities with Kenya


Ø  Coordinate Key persons for AKPA speakers


Ø  Chair the AKPA GALA


Ø  Key Person for email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ø  Post Articles on leadership


 Secretary-Mary Nyacomba Acevedo


Ø  Backup for Vice Chair


Ø  Keep meeting notes and send out after each call


Ø  Follow up with action items


Ø  Filing and documentation


Ø  Key person for email at


Ø  Key person for PO BOX Keys to get mail


Ø  Ensure Documentation is provided to hand over to next Committee… Logins passwords bank account number, bill pay dates etc


 Treasurer- Rodda Ouma


Ø  Provide a monthly statement to executive board


Ø  Set Financial Objectives


Ø  Chair Financial Seminars


Ø  Write proposals to solicit for funds from different organization


Ø  Post financial statement on website


Ø  Educate all Members on how the finances are managed


Ø  Pay bills in a timely manner


Ø  Keep up with all dues


Ø  Provide documentation to hand over to next treasurer


Ø  Post financial articles


Assistant Treasurer- Open


Back up treasurer- Next Treasurer.



 Ambassador At large-Robert Obiero


Ø  Reach out to our youth and young professionals 14-25.


Investment Chair- OPEN 


Ø  Coordinate and build relationship with the Diaspora Business Community.


Ø  Coordinate and build relationships with the Atlanta Business Community


Ø  Develop Sustainable investment opportunities


Ø  Provided investment information for US and Kenya to our members


Ø  Chair Investment Seminars


Ø  Post Investment Articles


                  Development Chair- Funnuel Mugendi Murianki


Ø  Coordinate and build relationships with Kenya Business leaders and political leaders


Ø  Establish needs and coordinate with different AKPA’s chairs to implement programs to benefit the community at large


Ø  Find and develop local leaders and professional in our community


Ø  Chair the Golf Tournament in Summer


Ø  Post Develop Articles


  Education Chair-Open ( Mary Bowers Temporary)


Ø  Develop an internship program for students


Ø  Coordinate Scholarships


Ø  Develop mentoring program


Ø  Provide information on scholarships/ education opportunities/ …


Ø  Chair Education Seminars


Ø  Post Education Articles


 Networking Chair- Caroline Wambui


Ø  Coordinate monthly networking meetings


Ø  Work out deals with Business’s so AKPA can get a portion of proceeds when we host and event at a location.


Ø  Invite Atlanta Business, Political, Educational Committee to attend networking meeting


Ø  Post networking articles


Ø  Maintain Website and Facebook


 Ambassador At large-Robert Obiero


Ø  Reach out Nationally to all our Kenyan Professionals

Ø  Reach out to our youth and young professionals 14-25.

 Ø  Coordinate with other executive teams across the USA,

 Ø  Develop opportunities of all AKPA members across the USA



Ø  Chair the Talent show in Summer


Ø  Recruit potential students for internship programs


Ø  Add members to mailing list


Events Volunteerr- Simotra Nana ( need upto 10 members )


Ø  Organize participation any event that requires Kenyan Participation in US


Ø   Global event, African Events, Kenyan Events, Chamber Event….etc


Ø  Monitor emails for invitations.


Ø  Set up AKPA table at any event


Ø  Coordinate with members to attend.


Media Specialist- Moses


Ø  Maintain Social Media, facebook, linked, twitter, website, etc… add more as needed


Ø  Post event for members that are within AKPA mission statement


Ø   Develop programs to leverage our social reach- over 3000+ connections in linkedin, facebook, email,


Ø  Lead learning forums for members for using social media.


Ø  Help set up electronic interface at any function AKPA is represented




***all members are encouraged to work with Kenyan interns to share and transfer  knowledge and skills