AKPA Atlanta

Welcome to the home of the Association of Korean professionals. Here you will find community leaders gathered in one simple task, bringing the Korean people of Atlanta closer to one another. Commitment, professionalism, understanding and love we proudly represent.

What are we all about?

We tend to encourage civil rights and interest of our community. Connecting our members and serving as a data resource. Create and execute programs that allow our members to advance in their careers. We represent and advocate for Korean-American community. 


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How to join us?

Our membership is divergent so we welcome every professional with the same energy. There are numerous benefits of joining us, so come and register today. Choose between our one year of three-year membership. Become part of the family of professionals!

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Our blog is place where you will find numerous topics that will help you with your unanswered question. If you have some doubts after reading you can in the comment section leave a question and our stuff will answer it.